Don't Let a Missing Tooth Hold You Back in Life

Safe Ways Of Dealing With Loose Baby Teeth

by Wyatt Morgan

Almost everyone has a tale to tell about how they lost their first tooth. Majority of children start to lose their baby teeth at the age of six, with 3 or 4 of their teeth falling out each year until all twenty teeth are gone by the time they attain the age of 12. It is usually a nerve-wrecking experience for the kids and sometimes for the parents.

The main concern that many parents have is whether the baby teeth should be left to fall out naturally, whether they should pull the teeth, or whether they should let their children pull them out themselves. If you are in that dilemma, here are some tips that will help you deal with loose baby teeth.

Do Not Pull the Teeth Out

Most dentists recommend that parents should refrain from forcefully pulling the baby teeth. It's best to let the child wiggle the tooth out with his tongue or with his own fingers until it falls out. This is because it is only the child who can feel just how loose or attached the tooth really is and how much discomfort it is causing.

Encourage Your Child to Take a Snack

Due to the discomforts that come with a loose tooth, a child may not want to eat either due to the pain or due to the fear of swallowing the tooth together with the food. As a parent, you should encourage the child to eat. Although not usual, a baby tooth can come out during eating and may be swallowed. The good news is that it is very unlikely that the child will choke on the tooth. You can offer a fresh apple and if the tooth is loose enough, it will come out.

Have an Ice Bag Ready

At times, some bleeding can occur especially if the child didn't wait long enough to pull the baby tooth out. Just in case bleeding occurs, apply ice or a piece of wet gauze and hold the pressure for a few minutes. This will help to stop the bleeding. If bleeding persists, it is advisable that you take the child to a dentist right away.


Being adequately prepared for this crucial undertaking is important to ensure that the child has an easy time the entire duration he is losing his teeth. If you feel that you aren't adequately prepared to deal with the situation that you and your child are in, you can always feel free to visit a dentist such as Covenant Family Dental Care and have the issue addressed professionally and safely.