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3 Reasons Partial Dentures Are a Convenient Dental Replacement Option

by Wyatt Morgan

Partial dentures combine several artificial teeth on a metal or plastic plat that sits over the gums. The dentures also hook around the natural teeth on each far end for stability. Any natural teeth that might stick up through the plate around the artificial teeth also help to hold the plate sturdy.  Partial dentures are both fairly stable and removable, which is a rare combination in dental replacement options.

Choosing partial dentures for a dental replacement is a personalized experience best discussed with your dentist. But there are a few reasons why partial dentures might be the best choice from a pure convenience standpoint.

Custom-Fit but Not Tight

Partial dentures are created using molds of your mouth much in the same way that full dentures are made. The difference lies in the fact that partials aren't made to fit snugly over your gums and jawbone ridge. Rather, the partials will sit on the gums and gently sit over the ridge with the natural teeth providing the support rather than the jawbone.

The positioning means that partials are less likely to be overly tight or overly loose fitting as your jawbone shifts over time. The better fit means the plate is less likely to slide around while chewing, which can cause discomfort and abrasions on your gums.

Removable for Cleaning, Sleeping, and Eating

While fixed replacement options like dental implants are more secure, there are several benefits to having a removable replacement like partial dentures. You can remove the partials to make sure both it and your underlying gums are fully cleaned during your oral hygiene routine, which can help prevent any bacterial buildups that can lead to infection and decay.

You can also take out the partials while sleeping or even eating if chewing feels more comfortable to you without the artificial teeth in your mouth. Fixed replacement options don't allow for this kind of versatility.

Leaves Other Options Open

Considering dental implants but can't afford the procedure at this time? Getting partial dentures allows you to have a nonpermanent dental replacement option until you are ready to have the implants placed. You can even have a new partial made after you've had one or two implants done if you decide not to go through with the rest of the implants.

While dental implants are more stable overall, there are still several reasons why partial dentures can prove the right choice for your dental replacement option, whether that choice is meant to be short-term or long-term. For further information about this option, contact a dentist like Davis R Troup DDS PA.