Don't Let a Missing Tooth Hold You Back in Life

Cosmetic Dentistry For Kids

by Wyatt Morgan

While most adults are aware of the benefits cosmetic dental procedures can provide, few people take the time to consider how cosmetic dentistry can improve the lives of children.

If you are concerned about the negative effect your child's smile could be having on his or her life, here are three cosmetic dental procedures you might want to consider investing in for the future.

1. Veneers or crowns to replace broken teeth.

Injuries can often plague young children who are involved in sports, and dental injuries are no exception. Experts suggest that 50% of children will experience a tooth injury during childhood, and many of these injuries result in broken teeth.

If your child has damaged a baby tooth, you may be tempted to pull the tooth and leave a gap until the permanent tooth grows in. But having a full set of teeth helps to keep your child's jawbone healthy, and can prevent alignment problems. Opting to have a cosmetic dentist repair your child's broken tooth with a veneer or crown will help minimize the risk of dental problems in the future.

2. Braces to correct crooked teeth.

An estimated 50% to 80% of kids across America will have braces at some point during their childhood. While braces can be beneficial in correcting medical problems like teeth that are too crowded to brush properly, many children get braces for purely cosmetic reasons.

Having crooked teeth can make your child susceptible to ridicule. Teasing and bullying can have a negative effect on your child's social life, so correcting crooked teeth through braces before they become a source of ridicule can be beneficial.

3. Microabrasion to get rid of stains on the surface of teeth.

Having a sparkling smile is something that many adults value, but white teeth can play an important role in the lives of young children as well. Seeing a white smile in the mirror can elevate your child's confidence, making them more apt to seek out playmates at school or participate in school activities.

Social involvement plays a critical role in helping young children build positive self-esteem, so investing in microabrasion to remove stains from the surface of your child's teeth can contribute to better mental health in the future.

Cosmetic dental procedures can be extremely beneficial for young children. Not only do these procedures help to keep your kid's smile as healthy as possible, but improving the appearance of your child's teeth could lead to greater social interaction and feelings of confidence as well. For more information, contact a dental professional such as Samuel D Knight, DDS.