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3 Advantages Of Self-Ligating Brackets

by Wyatt Morgan

Nowadays, there are multiple dental alignment options available. Many of these options offer different benefits. Self-ligating brackets may be used as an alternative to traditional braces. Here are a few advantages of these brackets:

Faster Alignment

Self-ligating brackets can align the teeth more quickly than the brackets of traditional braces. The quickening of the process is due to a reduction in the frictional force associated with the dental alignment. When traditional braces are used to straighten the teeth, the archwire that applies aligning force to the brackets is attached to the brackets using elastic ligatures.

These bands hold the archwire firmly against the brackets, but they also incite a certain amount of friction. The friction created as the bands rub against the brackets and the archwire must be overcome before the force exerted by the archwire can begin to align the teeth. As a result, the alignment process for traditional braces is slowed.

Self-ligating brackets are fashioned with a hole that is designed to accommodate the archwire. Instead of being attached to the brackets with elastic bands, the archwire is held in place by being fed through the holes of the self- ligating brackets. This reduces the amount of friction associated with the alignment process, so the process can occur more quickly.

Less Pain

Due to the extra force needed to overcome the friction caused by the elastic ligatures, traditional braces can cause a large amount of discomfort during the aligning process. There is some discomfort associated with self-ligating brackets. However, it is much less than that associated with traditional brackets due to the reduction in the alignment force that is required to straighten the teeth.

Fewer Orthodontic Visits

People who use self ligating brackets to straighten their teeth have fewer orthodontic appointments than patients who use traditional braces. This can be convenient for people who have a busy schedule. After an orthodontic adjustment to further the alignment progression, the teeth may feel sore for a period. This can be disruptive to the lifestyle of the orthodontic patient, at least for a few days.

By reducing the number of adjustment visits, the patient has fewer disruptions to his or her schedule and fewer inconvenient episodes of sore teeth.

To learn more about self-ligating brackets, schedule a consultation with a local orthodontist like those at Orthodontic Associates. He or she can review your alignment needs and determine the best options to straighten your teeth as quickly and comfortably as possible.