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Tooth Abuse: Stop Damaging Habits

by Wyatt Morgan

You may take excellent care of your teeth by regularly flossing, brushing, and visiting your dentist. Surprisingly, that might not be enough to maintain your oral health. You may be indulging in some bad habits that can really harm your teeth. To be safe, you need to stop certain common but damaging behaviors.


If you love to crunch your ice, you may be inflicting serious damage on your teeth. Whole ice cubes are the worst offenders, but even half or small cubes can cause cracks and small breaks in the surface of your teeth. If you must eat ice, try limiting it to the crushed variety. You may also want to avoid nuts as well. Even bags or containers of nut meats often have a piece or two of shell mixed in. Crunching down on a shell can easily fracture a tooth, leading to an expensive trip to the dentist.  


Constantly clenching your jaw reflects anxiety and nerves, conditions that you need to work on for your overall health. However, the practice also wreaks havoc on your teeth. The condition is called bruxism and can cause fractures and even wear down your teeth because you are constantly applying excessive pressure to them. Your gums can also be negatively affected. If you suspect that you have this condition, consult with your dentist about possible treatments including the use of a mouth guard while you sleep. A properly fitted mouth guard from a website like can cushion and protect your teeth and lessen the damaging pressure.

Cough Drops

Cough drops may seem like a healthy choice to treat your cough or throat tickle. Frequently sucking on these substances can actually be harmful to your teeth. Unfortunately, many of them contain high levels of sugar that can contribute to plaque and expose you to the acid that it produces. They may soothe your scratchy throat, but you may also end up with a number of cavities. If you must use cough drops, frequently rinse out your mouth with water. Also, try and brush your teeth soon after you have consumed these OTC aids. 

Practicing good oral hygiene is not enough to keep your teeth and gums healthy. You need to avoid damaging behaviors that may have crept into your daily routines. Crunching on hard objects such as ice or continually grinding your teeth is never helpful. Just use your teeth as they were intended, and you should avoid unnecessary wear and tear on their surface.