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Drink Alternatives For Active Children Who Love Sports Drinks

by Wyatt Morgan

Do you have an active child who enjoys sports drinks? If so, you may be in agreement to their preference. Perhaps you even think than sports drinks are a better option that sodas. This is a belief that some people cling to because they view sodas as having a high sugar content, but many sports drinks also contain sugar.

According to Livestrong, Gatorade has 34 grams of sugar per 20 ounces regardless of the flavor chosen. This is important for parents who are trying to lower their children's sugar intake in an effort to protect their teeth enamel and other negative effects that diets high in sugar can cause, such as as weight gain. The following are a few strategies that you can try to use to reduce the amount of sugar your child consumes from sports drinks.

Encourage them to drink plain water instead.

The first thing you should try to do is explain to your child the importance of hydration during sports activities, and give them some benefits of drinking water. Some children may still not want to drink water. Aim to determine what your child dislikes about water. For example, by asking questions, you might determine that your child is willing to drink water as long as it is served very cold. 

Explore naturally flavored water options. 

Perhaps your child's love of sports drinks stems from the fact that unlike water, sports drinks are flavored. If this is the case, try using real foods to flavor their water. Examples of things you could add to their water are are sliced oranges, lemons, or limes, cucumbers, or berries. You could also try to see if your child likes the taste of coconut water. 

Allow them to consume a lesser amount of their favorite sports drink.

You may find that your child is willing to drink water to a certain extent, but they may still demand or crave their sports drinks. Opt to buy their favorites in smaller-sized bottles. If you prefer to buy the larger versions, buy a small water bottle and fill it with the sports drink. This will aid in ensuring that your child does not over-consume sports drinks, and you can supplement their serving size with water as needed. 

Offer the diet version of their favorite sports drink.

Perhaps your child's favorite drink on the lam has a diet or low sugar version. You may want to consider these, but they should still be used sensibly because they may contain artificial sweeteners, which may cause other issues.  Contact a business, such as the Neu Family Dental Center, for more information.