Don't Let a Missing Tooth Hold You Back in Life

4 Advantages Of Dental Crowns

by Wyatt Morgan

Many people are familiar with what it takes to achieve a white, bright and healthy smile. But while dentists everywhere implore their patients to brush their teeth twice a day, floss regularly and avoid eating too many sugary foods, even the most careful person can sometimes be afflicted by a chipped or decaying tooth. Fortunately, dental crowns are a convenient solution to many such problems. Take a look below to discover just four benefits dental crowns can provide the average person.


One of the main advantages of a dental crown is that it can be personalized for your exact situation. Gone are the days when a 'one size fits all' approach was the norm. Instead, your dentist can work with you to create a crown that will match your smile so perfectly, it is likely no one will realize the crown is there at all. Regardless of the shape, color or size of your teeth, the crown can be individualized so that it's the best fit for you.


Dental crowns aren't just temporary fixtures. They're designed to last you decades, provided you care for them properly. As long as you pay attention to your crown in the same way as your other teeth (including brushing and flossing), then there's nothing to worry about. If the crown has been put in place following a root canal, you may want to avoid chomping down on an apple or a bowl of crunchy granola, but beyond that, there's nothing you can't do.


Another great thing about getting a dental crown is that it's a routine procedure. In fact, your local dentist can have you in and out of their office within a few hours, so there's no need to stress over missing work because of multiple appointments or a long recovery period. Your dentist may require you to come in for a check-up sometime after they've placed the crown, but the placement itself is so remarkably routine.


One benefit of dental crowns people may not talk enough about is the confidence a restored smile can give you. Many people are conscious of their smile if they have a chipped or decayed tooth, and it keeps them from showing their true selves, even around family or friends. A dental crown relieves people of this kind of self-consciousness, and in many cases can dramatically improve a person's confidence and social life.

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