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3 Reasons Braces Work Better On Kids Than Adults

by Wyatt Morgan

If your teenager has crooked teeth or a bad overbite, visiting an orthodontist, like Cobbe Dental & Orthodontics, is a great way to find out if braces would benefit him or her. In most cases, braces are the best solution for these problems, and it's important to know that braces tend to work out better for kids than for adults. Because of this, you should consider spending the money it takes to help your child have nicer teeth. Here are three reasons braces tend to work better on teens than on adults.

Their mouths are still growing

While adults can experience positive results from braces, teens are usually able to experience great results faster. A teen's mouth is typically not developed all the way when he or she gets braces. In fact, the teen's mouth is probably still growing and forming. Because of this, the braces will work easier. This makes it easier for the braces to move teeth into place.

An adult's mouth, on the other hand, is fully developed and shaped. It will not grow anymore or change really, and this makes it harder for braces to shift teeth into place.

Their oral health is typically better

A second thing to consider is the oral health of a teen compared to an adult. Most teens have healthy mouths. They have sufficient jawbone, few cavities, and no signs of gum disease. Adults, however, are more likely to have signs of gum disease or bone loss, simply because these things can develop as people age.

Braces tend to work more effectively when a person's mouth is healthy, and this is another reason teens typically do better with braces.

It is normal for kids to wear braces

The other factor to consider is how normal it is for teens to have braces. Teens are often excited to get braces, and this could be because their friends have them or because they think braces are cool. Adults do not view braces the same way. In fact, a lot of adults will choose invisible types of braces simply so that people do not see them as quickly. Your teen is likely to want braces and feel very normal having them, whereas adults do not typically feel like this.

If you want your child to have a healthier mouth that looks great, you should consider getting braces for him or her. You can learn more about your options by visiting an orthodontist today.