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Signs To Watch For In The First Few Weeks Of Porcelain Veneers

by Wyatt Morgan

A veneer service may take several days, or it may only span one day. Porcelain veneers add to the beauty of your teeth and easily create a symmetrical look and appropriate tooth spacing. Directly after the service, your mouth may feel odd, and it may take a little while to adjust to the feel and length of your new teeth. It is important to follow the directions of the doctor and monitor the way that your veneers and your mouth feel during the first few weeks. Here are some things that you need to look out for after you get porcelain veneers:

Too much tooth sensitivity 

After having veneers placed on your teeth, you may find that your mouth and teeth are sensitive for several days after the service. This is much like other dental work services, where the sensitivity will be higher directly after, then wane. If your teeth are still extremely sensitive past two weeks, you may need to get a check-up with the dentist who performed the surgery. If you are having a hard time eating due to pain and cool drinks seem to penetrate your teeth with a pain, you may need to go for a checkup. 

Talking is too difficult

If you went from smaller teeth or teeth that were crooked to veneers that are larger and straight, you may need to rehearse your speech patterns on the first day. If you are still having a hard time speaking or if you are biting your tongue, you may need to have your veneers size decreased. If you are still experiencing issues with speaking several weeks after the veneers are attached to your teeth, see your doctor again to talk about a solution to the problem. 

Teeth feel loose

It can be difficult to tell a loose feeling from all of the other tooth sensitivity at first. Once the initial sensitivity has worn off, if you feel any looseness in the teeth, this cause for concern. Your veneers need to be firmly attached to your teeth so that you do not experience any teeth slipping or breaking off. If your teeth feel wiggly in the way that they did when you were younger and about to lose a tooth, you should get a checkup. The dentist may need to take off the loose veneer and implant it properly. If you are having issues with several teeth feeling loose, this should be treated immediately so that the tooth does not become damaged and the process needs to start all over for veneer application.