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Does Your Child Have Severely Crooked Upper And Lower Teeth? What To Do

by Wyatt Morgan

If your child has very crooked teeth but you think they are too young for braces, you want to take them to an orthodontist just to have them checked out.  There are a lot of things that may be needed to prevent the problem from getting worse, especially if they have their adult teeth in and these teeth are crooked. Here are some of the things to talk with the orthodontist about, so you can see if it's the right time for braces in your child's life. Here are some of the things that you want to look into, and things that could be of concern.

Too Many Teeth 

If there are too many teeth coming in at one time, this could cause the teeth to be crooked. Sometimes there can be too many adult teeth in the mouth, or the wisdom teeth may come in far sooner than they usually do. This can push the teeth around and make them crooked and crowded, and this will need to be treated. Pulling some of the teeth may be necessary.

Small Pallet

The skeletal shape of the mouth is important to the alignment of the teeth. If the pallet is too small, this could be causing the problem. The teeth don't have enough space to fit and align in the mouth properly, and the pallet needs to be expanded. The orthodontist will put an expander in the mouth, so the bone spreads and shifts, and the teeth have room to grow.

Severe Misalignment

The teeth may just be crooked, and the child may need braces to correct the problem before it gets worse. This can be a little uncomfortable for the child while the teeth are put into place, and when the braces have to be adjusted or tightened, but it will be better when their older molars come in, and they have room to fit properly in the mouth.

If your child's teeth are so crooked even they are worried about how it looks and stuff getting stuck, it's time to talk with an orthodontist in your area to see what can be done. This way you don't have to worry about trying to fix the problem when they are older, or causing problems for later years because you didn't take care of the issue now while they are young and it's easy to move and shift the teeth as they are coming in.