Don't Let a Missing Tooth Hold You Back in Life

Lost A Tooth And Not Planning To Replace It? 2 Problems You Can Have If You Do Not

by Wyatt Morgan

If you have lost a tooth and do not pan to get it replaced by a dentist, you will regret this decision. This is because having a missing tooth is more than just a cosmetic issue as it can cause other problems. Keep reading to learn of two problems you can have if you do not replace the tooth.

Lose Bone

If you do not replace the missing tooth, you will have bone loss in your jawbone and in the bones that surround and support the missing tooth. The bones will resorb back into your body. This will make it difficult for a dentist to implant a new tooth. Each year, more and more bone is lost, so the sooner you get the tooth replaced, the better chance you will have of the replacement being successful. This is especially bad if you have more than one missing tooth and they are all close to one another.

Getting a dental implant is the best thing you can do for this problem. If you get dentures, they put pressure on the bone when you chew food. This pressure will eventually start causing you problems. A dental implant is implanted directly into your jawbone like your other teeth, so no extra pressure is placed on your jawbone when you chew.

Harm Other Teeth

Depending on the tooth that you have missing, you will not be able to eat certain foods. For example, if it is a back tooth, you will have a difficult time chewing steak. When this happens, you will move the food to another area of your mouth and chew. This will cause you to use these other teeth much more than you normally would, and over time, this can cause problems. For example, this overuse can cause enamel to break down, more cavities to develop, and more.

Food can also get stuck down into the space where the tooth was, and if this is not cleaned well, your gums could get infected and over time periodontist could develop causing problems with all your teeth.

Cause Digestive Problems

You may have problems eating so much that you choose not to eat, and this will cause poor nutrition and health. For example, you could have digestive problems caused by a missing tooth because you may not fully chew the foods that you eat before you swallow them. You also may eat foods that you may not normally eat. These new foods may cause digestive problems, such as heartburn.

Make an appointment with a dentist like those at Carpenter Dental today to have your missing tooth replaced so you will not have to worry about any of these problems.