Don't Let a Missing Tooth Hold You Back in Life

Clear Aligner Trays Could Be The Solution For The Gap In Your Teeth

by Wyatt Morgan

If you have a gap in your front teeth that has always bothered you, then you should talk to a dentist about a solution. A gap isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if it bothers you, then you should find a way to close it. Also, when you have a gap in your teeth, it may cause other teeth to twist or be too crowded, and that problem may need to be corrected, too. One solution for a gap or a gap that causes twisted teeth is to use clear aligner trays like Invisalign. Here's how they can help and why they are ideal braces for an adult.

How Aligner Trays Close Gaps

These clear braces can close large or small gaps over time. They do this by slowly realigning your teeth so the gaps close and crooked teeth are straightened. Your dentist orders trays customized for your mouth, and you switch out the trays on the schedule recommended by your dentist. Each tray is a slightly different shape, so your teeth are nudged into a slightly new position each time you put in new aligners. This process could take several months to complete, but the clear aligner trays are a much more suitable option than wearing wire braces that are noticeable when you wear them.

Why The Clear Braces Are Ideal For Adults

Clear aligner trays are much different from traditional braces. They're made of transparent material so they are almost invisible. You can wear them to work without being embarrassed. Another advantage of the trays is that they can be removed. However, it's important not to overdo it, or you won't get the results you want from treatment. You take them out to eat and brush your teeth, and you can take them out for short periods for a special occasion. Being able to take them out means you won't have to alter your diet when you're using aligner trays since they'll be out of your mouth when you eat.

Aligner trays are a good option when you're tired of living with a gap in your teeth. If you like the gap because it makes you unique, then that's different, but if the gap hurts your self-confidence, talk to your dentist to find out if clear aligner trays would work for you. These braces are suitable for many dental problems that may accompany a gap, but your dentist will need to evaluate your teeth and talk to you about your goals before deciding if clear braces are the right way to improve your smile.