Don't Let a Missing Tooth Hold You Back in Life

Missing Teeth? 2 Dental Bridge & Denture Options To Give You Back Your Teeth

by Wyatt Morgan

Missing even just a few teeth can significantly impact your life. Without a full set of teeth, it can be more challenging to eat and talk. Luckily, if you have had to remove a few teeth, you can replace them with either a dental bridge or dentures. There are multiple types of dental bridges and dentures that you can use to replace your missing teeth.

Dental Bridge Options

The dental bridge is designed to bridge the gap in your mouth where you miss one armor tooth. A dental bridge anchors onto your existing teeth to put a false tooth in the place where you are missing.

A tooth-supported fixed bridge is the most common type of dental bridge. This type of bridge is most commonly used when you are missing a single tooth. The two teeth next to the missing tooth are ground away to support the bridge. The bridge is attached over the top of the two healthy teeth, which help anchor the false tooth where you are missing a tooth. Tooth-supported fixed bridges don't last long because bridgework is vulnerable to decay.

Another type of dental bridge is a resin-bonded bridge. This procedure is also called a Maryland bridge. With a resin-bonded bridge, wings are attached to the adjacent teeth. The difference with this procedure is that your healthy teeth don't have to be ground down or compromised in any way. A resin-bonded bridge doesn't damage your other teeth like a tooth-supported fix bridge. It will last from 5 to 10 years before needing to be replaced.

Denture Options

Another way to replace missing teeth is with dentures. There are a few different types of dentures.

The type of denture most people are familiar with are removable complete dentures. With removable complete dentures, all your teeth on the top or bottom are missing—the dentures are designed to sit on top of your gums. With removable complete dentures, you need to take them out regularly to clean them. It would help if you also were careful with the natural bone decay. 

Another option is removable partial dentures. Removable partial dentures are a good option if you are missing a few teeth. Partial dentures are usually not as stable as a dental bridge or a dental implant.

If you are missing some teeth, talk to your dentist to see if dentures or a dental bridge is the best choice for you. Getting dentures or a dental bridge will allow you to more easily eat and talk, or you can discuss the option of a dental implant with your dentist.