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Learn About Sedation Dentistry To See If It's Right For You

by Wyatt Morgan

If you need to have dental work done, then sedation dentistry may be right for you. While not everyone needs or wants this extra step in their dental work, for others, it's a necessity to make dental work easier to have done.

What is sedation dentistry? Is it right for you? Are there any risks to getting it? Learn about sedation dentistry and what it can do for you, and speak to your dentist about your options regarding sedation dentistry.

What sedation dentistry is

Sedation dentistry is an added dentistry measure to help patients feel calm and relaxed when they get dental work done. Special medication is given to the patient, usually via mouth, to make the procedure to follow more tolerable and comfortable.

The medications used in sedation dentistry include Nitrous oxide for more mild cases of dental work and a heavier sedation that can make you feel more groggy and less conscious during your procedure. The type of sedation dentistry you may receive in your dental procedure will vary depending on the work you need to have done on your mouth and any medical conditions you may have.

Who should get sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry can be right for you if you get nervous when you go to the dentist or if you worry about the procedure hurting. You can get a mild sedative to help you calm down that will wear off rapidly or have a much heavier anesthetic administered for more serious dental procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal.

You should be able to get sedation dentistry if you have never had a reaction to anesthesia in the past and don't have issues breathing on your own. Your dentist will go over your oral health and medical health histories before deciding if sedation dentistry is right for you.

Risks associated with sedation dentistry

The risks to sedation dentistry are few, but the heavier dosage of sedation you receive or the stronger medication used in your procedure, the higher your risks of reaction may be. If you're worried about becoming incoherent or unable to drive or function normally with sedation dentistry, then go with the most mild form — Nitrous oxide. This is the type of sedation dentistry often used on children to make going to the dentist more relaxing and comfortable.

If you have heart or breathing issues or have concerns about being sedated, talk to your doctor before going to the dentist for any dental work. Your dentist will ensure you are supervised the entire time you are under sedation while having dental work done and will administer safe doses of any medication to you.

To learn more about sedation dentistry, reach out to a dentist near you.