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Keeping Your Kids Brushing: Helpful Products All Parents Need

by Wyatt Morgan

A child's good oral hygiene habits need to begin early. It can sometimes be difficult to instill good habits in children. For that reason, parents should find some ways to make oral hygiene fun. One way is to get some products recommended by your family dentist to make brushing and flossing exciting for kids. Here are some items you can consider getting for your children:

Fun Electric Toothbrush  

There are many varieties of electric toothbrushes on the market, many of which are meant for children. Electric toothbrushes are bright, decorated with kid's characters, and some even light up. A special toothbrush will ensure children get excited about brushing their teeth. Plus, an electric toothbrush is significantly better at getting your children's teeth clean compared to regular toothbrushes.

Children's Toothpaste

Another essential item to keep kids brushing their teeth is toothpaste flavored with children in mind. There are many child-friendly flavors that not only taste good for children but are also excellent at getting their teeth clean. When children enjoy the flavor of their toothpaste, they are more likely to brush their teeth every day for the required amount of time.

Children's Dental Floss

Flossing is a must for good oral hygiene. Children do not always master the art of flossing right away, so using children's dental floss can help them learn. Some dental flosses are designed for younger children to hold. Plus, children's dental floss comes in bright colors and delicious flavors that are attractive to children.

Sticker and Award Charts

A great incentive to get your children to brush and floss every day is a reward system. Having a daily brushing and flossing chart for your child to mark every day is a wonderful way to encourage your children to take care of their teeth. After so many times brushing, the children can add a sticker or check off their chart in exchange for a small prize. Over time, your child will brush their teeth instinctively even without a chart.

Toothbrushing Apps

Technology is everywhere, even when it comes to your child's oral health. There are apps available to help encourage children to brush and floss daily. There are apps with songs, timers, characters, and more that are attractive to children. Each of these apps usually includes some instructional information and education to help children understand why keeping their teeth clean is so important.

If you need more ideas to keep your children brushing their teeth, be sure to speak to your child's dentist for more tips and information.