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Teeth Stain Varieties And Methods Of Whitening

by Wyatt Morgan

Decolorization is one of the worst things that could happen to your teeth. Some of the causes of dental stains determine the severity of the problem. On the plus side, restoring your smile to normal is simple, thanks to treatments for teeth stains. Some stain removal methods require perseverance and discipline because it takes time for the change to occur. You can easily do some stain removal methods at home. However, there are several situations in which a dentist must clean your teeth thoroughly using dental cleaning equipment. This article highlights the different methods of oral whitening and the types of stains they remove.

Methods of Teeth Whitening

Below are two major categories of teeth whitening:

Bleaching At Home

This method of stain removal entails using a variety of easily accessible teeth whitening products. These items include toothpaste, strips, and pens for dental whitening. The products frequently come with easy-to-follow instructions, making your work quite simple. That said, you are not guaranteed long-term results; hence it is crucial to consult an expert before embarking on them.

Professional Whitening of Teeth

Some tooth stains might be difficult to remove and call for expertise. You might need to see a dentist if you notice that your teeth stains are not fading despite using whitening treatments at home. Your dentist will thoroughly clean the stains using the right tools to remove them.

Types of Teeth Stains

Here are the types of stains that you are likely to get:

External Stains

Enamel, the exterior coating of your teeth, shields the inner layer from damage. The dark hue of food and drink is prone to soaking into the enamel. If you do not practice good oral hygiene, the stains could grow more challenging to remove. You can easily remove the external stains at home because they do not penetrate the inner layers.

Internal Stains

When the enamel erodes and exposes the dentin, internal tooth stains appear. The yellow tint of the dentin already appears discolored. Some of these interior stains can be challenging to get rid of. Some whitening products used at home which contain hydrogen peroxide easily remove the stains. However, such chemicals can be damaging, and it is advisable to go to your dentist for a professional whitening procedure that is more effective and long-lasting.

Teeth Stains Caused by Age

Some dental stains can be brought on by aging. Even if you practice good dental hygiene, stains may develop over time. Age-related stains are problematic because they harm dentin, much like internal stains. These types of stains need professional teeth whitening.

Maintaining teeth whiteness and beauty can be simple with professional teeth-whitening techniques. Remember, early intervention will stop your teeth from suffering additional harm.