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Why Get A Composite Filling If An Amalgam Filling Lasts Longer?

by Wyatt Morgan

There has always been a lot of debate over composite fillings versus amalgam fillings, and this is primarily because amalgam fillings tend to last a lot longer than composite fillings. If this is the case, why do dentists recommend and use composite fillings? There are several good reasons dentists prefer composite fillings over amalgam fillings, and here are some of the reasons.

Composite fillings look nicer

If you look at a composite filling, you will barely be able to see it. Composite fillings match tooth colors and can be made in any shade of white. Amalgam fillings are metal and silver in color. If you see one on a tooth, you will instantly notice it is there. Because of the color differences, dentists and patients often prefer composite fillings. Composite fillings look nicer and are less obvious in a person's mouth. This is one of the top reasons a lot of people choose composite fillings when their dentists give them the choice between the two options.

Composite fillings let dentists save tooth structure

Besides looking nicer, composite fillings offer one huge benefit over amalgam fillings. The benefit is that they allow dentists to put fillings in teeth without removing excess tooth structure. In other words, a composite filling can be placed in really small cavities, and they will only require the dentist removing the actual decay from the tooth. To put in an amalgam filling, a dentist is often required to remove some of the tooth structure that is not full of decay. Amalgam fillings must be a certain size. If they are not big enough, they will not be strong enough and may fall out.

Composite fillings do not contain metals or harmful ingredients

The other thing to understand is that composite fillings do not contain metals or harmful ingredients, while amalgam fillings do contain metals, including mercury. Certain people can experience allergic reactions to the metals used, and some people are afraid to have mercury in their mouths. Composite fillings are made of a plastic-like material, and there is nothing harmful at all in a filling made of this material.

If you need a cavity removed and filled, your dentist might offer both options and will let you choose. If you suspect you might have a cavity, you should visit a family dentist to find out. To learn more about both types of fillings, contact a dental clinic in your city.