Don't Let a Missing Tooth Hold You Back in Life

  • Root Canals: Facts From The Professionals

    20 January 2015

    Many people shudder at the thought of a getting a root canal. You may have seen it depicted in a movie as a painful procedure and were left terrified at the prospect of one day needing one yourself. However, it is a routine procedure with many lasting benefits. Best of all, it is relatively painless process. Once you understand what it entails and why some fear it, you will be on your way to improved dental health.

  • 6 Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

    6 January 2015

    99.7% of American adults believe that the smile is an important aspect in social life. This explains why cosmetic dentistry is on an up and rising trend. Cosmetic dentists use different tactics to improve the appearance/aesthetics of a smile, but not necessarily the function. From teeth whitening to dental implants, there are many different ways to improve the appearance of the smile. This article lists six benefits to having cosmetic dentistry performed.

  • Lollipop, Lollipop: Try A Simple & Tooth-Friendly Sucker

    19 December 2014

    Your dentist has probably told you that your child should stay away from candy like lollipops. But it can be hard to tell your child no, especially since candy can be so delicious. The following lollipop recipe is an occasional treat that you can make for your child that is delicious and tooth-friendly.  The Secrets Behind The Lollipop The tooth-friendly attributes that this lollipop recipe holds can be found in its ingredients.