Don't Let a Missing Tooth Hold You Back in Life

  • Laser Teeth Whitening: What To Expect

    27 December 2015

    There are several teeth whitening procedures dentists can offer their patients now. Aside from treatments that may take several hours or treatments that gradually whiten to produce results that other people cannot easily detect, there is a treatment that uses lasers too. This particular treatment produces lightning fast results. Here is what to expect. The Dentist Applies the Peroxide Gel A safe and effective peroxide-based gel is applied to your teeth.

  • An Overview Of The Dental Implant Process

    9 December 2015

    Dental implants are a long lasting way to improve the function and appearance of damaged or missing teeth. Yet many people hesitate to consider getting dental implants--simply because they don't understand what the process is like. If you are suffering from dental issues that could be treated by implants, read on. This article will present an overview of the entire dental implant process. Consultation with your dentist. The proper place to begin is by meeting with your dentist to discuss whether dental implants are an appropriate solution for your condition.

  • Brace Yourselves, Silver Dragées Are Coming: Reasons To Avoid Chewing On Metallic Cake Decorations

    18 November 2015

    Have you been congratulating yourself on surviving Halloween and all its sugary treats? If you took great care of your teeth, you should be proud, but don't let your guard down yet. The approach of the winter holidays means the proliferation of silver dragées, those metallic silver balls that grace cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. While the decorations are illegal in California, they are legal in other states, and they've become very popular because of the shiny lustre they add to frosting.

  • 3 Reasons Partial Dentures Are a Convenient Dental Replacement Option

    29 October 2015

    Partial dentures combine several artificial teeth on a metal or plastic plat that sits over the gums. The dentures also hook around the natural teeth on each far end for stability. Any natural teeth that might stick up through the plate around the artificial teeth also help to hold the plate sturdy.  Partial dentures are both fairly stable and removable, which is a rare combination in dental replacement options. Choosing partial dentures for a dental replacement is a personalized experience best discussed with your dentist.

  • Jaw Hurting? 3 Things That Can Cause This Pain

    15 October 2015

    If your jaw is hurting, it could be caused by different things. Read below so you can figure out why you are having this pain, so you can take steps to get rid of it. Infected Tooth If you have an infected tooth, also known as an abscessed tooth, this is a usually due to having tooth decay. When you have a decayed tooth and do not receive treatment, it can cause infection to spread from the roots of the infected tooth to your jaw bones.

  • Acid Reflux & Your Dental Health

    30 September 2015

    If you suffer from acid reflux, you may be curious about it's effects on the body and in particular, your teeth. Below is a basic overview of the condition, how it can affect your dental health, and what can be done to keep your teeth healthy and strong despite the condition.  What Is Acid Reflux?  Acid reflux is a medical condition that causes the stomach acids to travel up the esophagus and into the mouth.

  • 3 Options To Replace A Missing Tooth

    9 September 2015

    If you have a missing tooth, you may feel self-conscious about the unfilled space in your mouth. In addition, the missing tooth can make chewing more difficult and allow food to become trapped in the hollow area as you eat. You may even notice that your teeth are becoming misaligned over time, because the tooth that once occupied the space served as a placeholder for adjacent teeth. Still, there are ways to restore your tooth.