Don't Let a Missing Tooth Hold You Back in Life

  • Root Canals Versus Extraction For Damaged Teeth

    23 June 2015

    For serious damage that affects the interior pulp of a tooth, such as a deep fracture or bacterial infection, there are two possibilities for treatment: a root canal or extraction. Root canals have a reputation for being painful and complicated procedures, which leads many people to wonder whether it might be simpler to just pull the damaged tooth out completely. After all, dental implants have come a long way in recent years.

  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Answers To 3 Common Questions

    4 June 2015

    For many people, wisdom teeth extraction is a common medical procedure that will occur sometime in their life. While this procedure is performed on a daily basis in the United States, it can still be scary for people as it is surgery. Below are answers to the three most common questions you may have regarding wisdom teeth extraction. Question #1: What Would Happen if They Weren't Removed? When surgery is first mentioned, one of the first questions a patient may have is what would happen if their wisdom teeth weren't removed.

  • Three Home Remedies to Relieve Tooth Pain

    18 May 2015

    It's common for people to experience tooth pain occasionally. In fact, mild tooth pain can be caused by hot or cold exposure or the pressure that's applied to your teeth when you chew. However, tooth pain can also be caused by more serious conditions, such as cavities, infections, gum disease, and plaque. This type of pain is typically more severe and persistent. It most likely lasts longer than 15 seconds and occurs on a regular basis.

  • How To Clean Your Teeth When You Forgot To Bring Your Toothbrush

    21 April 2015

    At one point or another, you are bound to forget your toothbrush. It could be from rushing to pack your suitcase and forgetting it, or because your luggage was lost on the way to your destination. If you can't find a replacement toothbrush to get you by, here are some alternative methods for cleaning your teeth and freshening your breath. Baking Soda You may have noticed that there are toothpastes that advertise that they contain baking soda.

  • 4 Reasons To Transform Your Smile With Veneers

    6 April 2015

    A beautiful smile is something that boosts your confidence and makes you feel attractive. It can be hard to feel confident meeting new people or speaking in public if your are not proud of your smile. Always take to your dentist about any concerns you have regarding your teeth and oral health. Your dentist is able to provide you with multiple options that help boost your smile's aesthetic and your oral health.

  • What Should I Do If I Injure A Tooth?

    19 March 2015

    We often hear a lot about medical emergencies, but we don't often hear much about dental emergencies.  But just like medical emergencies, dental emergencies require prompt attention.  What should you do if you've had mouth trauma and broken or knocked out a tooth?  Here are some things to keep in mind: Take an over-the-counter pain reliever: You'll probably feel some pain from the trauma to your tooth.  Take an over-the-counter painkiller such as ibuprofen to help with this while you seek medical attention.

  • Safe Ways Of Dealing With Loose Baby Teeth

    3 March 2015

    Almost everyone has a tale to tell about how they lost their first tooth. Majority of children start to lose their baby teeth at the age of six, with 3 or 4 of their teeth falling out each year until all twenty teeth are gone by the time they attain the age of 12. It is usually a nerve-wrecking experience for the kids and sometimes for the parents. The main concern that many parents have is whether the baby teeth should be left to fall out naturally, whether they should pull the teeth, or whether they should let their children pull them out themselves.